Zirconium basket

Zirconium basket
Zirconium basketZirconium basketZirconium basketZirconium basketZirconium basket
CategoriesElectroplating & Electrolysis Related series products
BrandSpecial Steel Titanium Industry
Zr:R60702Strong corrosion resistance
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Update TimeJun 23,2024
Detail Information

Zirconium basket consists of column Zirconium,Zirconium silk woven mesh or Zirconium net or Zirconium plate processing welding.the characteristics of Zirconium in filter industry the most practical, the Zirconium acid alkali resistance, resistance to high temperature and low temperature resistant, light weight, in particular,the performance of practical, such as filtering corrosive liquids, sea water,chlorine water,etc.

Zirconium mesh accordingto the production process is divided into:Zirconium silk woven mesh and Zirconium plate mesh 

(Zirconium foil net).Zirconium ,Zirconium wire mesh grid by silk thread woven for cross,square hole mesh.

Mesh: 5-80 mesh.Maximum80 mesh, general is 40, 60, 80 mesh.
Wire diameter: 0.05 3 mm
Thickness: 0.04 -- 3 mm.
X0.6 mesh: 0.3 mm, 0.5X1 mm, 0.6 x 0.8 mm, 0.8 X1.2 mm, 0.8 x 1 mm, 1 x2 mm, 1.25 X2.5 mm, 1.5 x 3mm, 2 x2. 5 mm, X4 2.5 mm, 2, 3, 4 x6 mm x 4 mm by 8 mm, 5, 6 x10 mm x 12 mm, 7x 14 mm, 8, 10 x20 x16 mm mm specification.

Hole pattern: the diamond, diamond, hexagon special mesh can be customized as required.


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