Insulating clamp regula

Insulating clamp regula
Insulating clamp regulaInsulating clamp regulaInsulating clamp regulaInsulating clamp regulaInsulating clamp regula
CategoriesElectroplating & Electrolysis Related series products
BrandSpecial Steel Titanium Industry
Update TimeJun 24,2024
Detail Information
My company production of cathode insulating clamp regula, is made of the unique special modified compound plastics with strong adhesion, good toughness, high corrosion resistance, not easy to fall off, no pollution solution, long service life, easy assembly etc., and can be customized according to the shape of each manufacturer specifications.
For electricity wet zinc smelting industry, zinc ions in the process of electrical product easy to precipitate formed at the cathode plate edge package edge plate, zinc is difficult to shed, and damage the cathode plate.In addition, Yin and Yang in the process of electrolytic zinc plate collision to short circuit, leading to a high zinc lead, seriously affect the quality of zinc, and makes the dc power consumption increases, and insulation can solve this problem, insulation and isolation effect in the process of electrolysis, avoided due to collision between Yin and Yang very short circuit and burn out the phenomenon of anode plate, prolong the service life of anode plate, significantly improve the zinc strip, lower plate unit consumption of Yin and Yang, improving current efficiency, reduce the dc power consumption, reduce costs, reduce labor intensity, improve the quality of zinc and production.At present, the majority of wet zinc smelting electric factory in the use of my company production of cathode insulating.

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