Titanium rod

Titanium rod
Titanium rodTitanium rodTitanium rodTitanium rodTitanium rod
CategoriesElectroplating & Electrolysis Related series products
BrandSpecial Steel Titanium Industry
Ti:GR1、GR2、GR3、GR5、GR7、GR12ASTM B348、ASTM F136、ASTM F67、AMS4928
Update TimeJun 23,2024
Detail Information

Titanium production grades:

National standard grades: TA1,TA2, TA3, TA7, TA9, TA10, TC4, TC4ELI, TC6 and TC9, TC10 and TC11
Americanstandard grades: GR1, GR2, GR3, GR5, GR7, GR12
Titaniumrod manufacturing process:
Hotforging, hot rolling - car light (grinding)

Titanium rod standards:

National standard:GB/T2965-2007, GB/T13810, Q/BS5331-91
American standard: ASTM B348,ASTM F136, ASTM F67, AMS4928
A, reference standard Method 1:228 GB metal tensileexperiment
2: GB/T 3620.1 titanium andtitanium alloy grades and chemical composition
3: GB/T3620.2 titanium andtitanium alloy processing product chemical composition and allowable deviation
4: GB 4698 titanium sponge,titanium and titanium alloy chemical analysis method
Second, the technicalrequirements
1: the chemical composition oftitanium and titanium alloy bar should be consistent with GB/T 3620.1, theprovisions of the need to repeatedly test, chemical composition of thedeviation should be allowed to meet the provisions of GB/T 3620.2.
2: hot working bar diameter orlength and its deviation should be allowed to meet the provisions of the table1.
3: the car after hot working(grinding) light bar and cold rolled, cold drawn rod diameter deviation shouldbe allowed to meet the provisions of the table 2.
4: the car after hot working(grinding) out of roundness of light bar should not more than half of the sizetolerance.
5: processing state bar andfoot length of 300-6000 - mm, annealing state bar uncertain feet length is300-2000 - mm, length or times ruler length should be in the range of variablescale length. Specified length to allow deviation to + 20 mm;Times' amount of incisionlength should also be included in the bar, each all is 5 mm. The length ordouble foot length should be indicated in the contract.

Baoji special steel titanium industry co., LTD developed series productsof high precision light bar to success. Company light bar production lineequipped with high-precision center less grinder, rod hot rolling mill, coldrolling mill, cold drawing machine, annealing furnace and other equipment, theproduction of high precision light bar diameter tolerance level of h7,straightness tolerance of 0.15 mm/m.

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