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Stainless steel clad Copper busbar

Stainless steel clad Copper busbar

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   Baoji steel titanium industry limited liabilitycompany leading products for metal composite materials.

 Includetitanium clad copper, zirconium clad copper , stainless steel clad copper,three layers metal composite and composite silk material series products etc.Its are main the feature is in copper, aluminum etc conductive metal bar,platoon, generatrix and silk material outside compound titanium, zirconium,nickel, stainless steel corrosion metal layer. Notonly ensure material superior conductivity, and with a strong surface corrosionresistance. Widely used in strong corrosion condition ofconductive body, such as electrochemical, electroplating, electrolysis,hydrometallurgy, PCB, electric chemical industry, water treatment, oceanengineering, etc.

Our company since 2001 start manufacture metalcomposite material series product, after 15 years of hard work development, wehave set up a perfect specialized metal composite material production line.
Reference standard GB/T 12769-2003
Specification variety range:
Substratum  material: copper T1,T2, TU1 TU2, aluminum AL etc.
 cladding material: titanium Ti,zirconium Zr, stainless steel (304, 316L), Nickel Ni, TantalumTan, etc.
cladding layer thickness: conventional 1.0 ~2.5 mm
Main cross-section shape and size range (mm) :
Rectangular width (20 ~ 150) x thickness (6 ~30)
Circle Φ (8 ~ 50)
Square model revised (10 ~ 30)
Silk material Φ (2.0 ~ 8.0)

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