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Permanent Staniless steel Cathode

Permanent Staniless steel Cathode

Permanent Staniless steel Cathode
Permanent Staniless steel CathodePermanent Staniless steel CathodePermanent Staniless steel CathodePermanent Staniless steel CathodePermanent Staniless steel Cathode
CategoriesElectrolysis industry
BrandSpecial Steel Titanium Industry
Stainless steel:316LCu:C11000
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Update Time2021-05-12
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Permanent cathode electrolytic method is mainly used for metal electrolytic refining.Electrolysis is using the oxidation - reduction reaction principle, the Cu2 positively charged, flow to the cathode, electrolyte enrichment, at the cathode reduction for copper, adsorption on the cathode, cathode copper of high purity.Permanent cathode copper electrolysis technology characteristics of stainless steel cathode plate can be repeatedly used, into the cell also don't need the home isolation agent, straightening, etc.It in the electrolytic cell by cathodic protection, corrosion will not happen, the practice has proved that service life can reach more than 15 years, even if the injury is more for mechanical damage, small also to repair mechanical damage, normal next damage rate < 1%.Compared with the traditional method has the characteristics of 1. The high current density, very low current density is up to 350 or so, pole pitch in around 100 cm.2. The cathode cycle is short Cathode cycle is 68 days, short cycle of cathode copper quality is good, can be long in order to reduce the cathode particles.3. The disability rate is low Because of the cathode plate straight, uniform power distribution, is not easy to short circuit, the In anodic dissolution is evener, improve the utilization rate of the anode.4. Low steam consumption of permanent average steam consumption per ton of cathode copper cathode method under 0.4 t, traditional method at about 0.6 t.5. High cell voltage, high dc power consumption with permanent cathode electrolytic technology 1. The process is simplified Because the stainless steel cathode plate can be used repeatedly, eliminating the complicated manufacturing process of starting, simplify the production process, reduces the equipment, site, and operations personnel.2. The products are of good quality (1) stainless steel cathode plate straight, not easy deformation, uniform and electrolytic production of power distribution, uniform cathode copper precipitation density, less particles.(2) from the cathode cathode copper strip, to avoid the starting sheet surface oxidation caused in the process of production, storage, pollution, and into the groove after the formation of impurities in the center of the cathode copper layer.(3) product without lifting climbing, easy to clean.3. Large capacity per unit area Polar distance is small, the current density is bigger, production workshop, no starting electrolytic workshop area is small, so the yield per unit area.4.The production of low cost ,economic benefits.

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