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Nickel Anode

Nickel Anode

Nickel Anode
Nickel AnodeNickel AnodeNickel AnodeNickel AnodeNickel Anode
CategoriesElectrolysis industry
BrandSpecial Steel Titanium Industry
ModelNickel Rod¢22*1290 / Nickel Plate 900*1035*3.0
Material Brand:Ni201Standard:ASTM B160/ASTM B162
Update TimeJun 23,2024
Detail Information

Nickel positive plate and alloy anode are cast in the bottom of crucible in intermediate frequency furnace, and the casting mold is vertical casting. By this method, the rising speed of oxide and residue is overcome, foaming and porosity are solved, slag inclusion and cold separation are eliminated.Mechanical calendering, perforating and embossing of plate surface (concave and convex facade), and advanced manufacturing methods of rolling make anode products avoid such defects as pores, cracks, trachoma and loose in the initial stage.

Nickel Anode used in electrolysis, material brand:Ni 201    Standard: Ni Rod ASTM B160/ Ni Plate: ASTM B162

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