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Russian customers visit our company and inspect the factory

Russian customers visit our company and inspect the factory

Sep 11,2023

On the afternoon of September 7, 2023, a Russian customer group of 4 people visited our company accompanied by the Chinese representative. Our deputy General manager Luo and the Ministry of Foreign Trade led the customer to visit the titanium pipe workshop and the composite material workshop. The customer was amazed by our production scale and affirmed the spacious and clean environment of our production workshop. During the period, he stopped around the titanium pipe pickling equipment and flaw detection equipment and asked and discussed the production process in detail, and reached a consensus.

After seeing the display rack of semi-finished products in the composite material workshop, I developed a strong interest in titanium-clad copper products. Adequate supply of raw materials and inventory, and strict quality control have provided strong support for the delivery of high-quality products of our company. Our company warmly welcomes the arrival of customers. Both sides have reached a consensus and will strive to place orders as soon as possible!