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What are the characteristics of titanium seamless tube?

What are the characteristics of titanium seamless tube?

Update Time:2021/5/28

Compared with other metal materials, titanium alloy  seamless tube has the following advantages :

1.High specific strength (tensile strength/density) (see figure). The tensile strength can reach 100 ~ 140kgf/mm2, and the density is only 60% of steel.

2.The medium temperature strength is good, the use temperature is several hundred degrees higher than the aluminum alloy, at medium temperature can still maintain the required strength, can work at 450 ~ 500℃ temperature for a long time.

3. good corrosion resistance, the surface of titanium in the atmosphere immediately formed a uniform and dense oxide film, has the ability to resist the erosion of a variety of media.In general, titanium has good corrosion resistance in oxidizing and neutral media, especially in seawater, wet chlorine and chloride solutions.However, the corrosion resistance of titanium is poor in reducing media, such as hydrochloric acid and other solutions.  

4. Titanium alloys with good low temperature performance and very low interstitial elements, such as TA7, can maintain a certain plasticity at -253℃. 

5. low elastic modulus, small thermal conductivity, no ferromagnetism.