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To vice President of the new director of baoji titanium industry association member companies awarded the signboard

To vice President of the new director of baoji titanium industry association member companies awarded the signboard

Nov 17,2016

Baoji titanium industry association secretary in November 8, for this year's development, as the new vice President, director of the new member enterprise obtained from plaque, so that enterprises in the production and business operation activities, show its corresponding qualification status, for enterprise operation and development of the add a new bright spot and energy, to promote the rapid development of the enterprise.

Since 2016, the association of titanium give full play to the service industry, actively for the enterprise and the government set up between the bridge and the link information.Secretariat, earnestly study and implement the party's sixth plenary 18th session of three, four, five, spirit, and actively improve the working method and the service function, strictly enforce the "association council resolution", closely around the "baoji, titanium valley of China" development and construction, has carried out a variety of club members of activities, to strengthen the construction of industry promotion and promoting the work.At the same time, play the qualifications of the potential association 4 a grade community organizations, take on association of government work, strengthening information platform construction, service enterprises, involved in aspects such as the government promote the development of titanium industry construction work initiative, good play to the role of the industry group, in order to promote baoji titanium industry brand effect and popularity, has made due contributions.

In order to strengthen the cohesion of the association, association, in May 2016 and June, respectively held association last four, three and four terms four council examined and approved the new additions, vice President of 7 people, 2 directors, review vote through more than ten enterprises membership, in October and consult the council members, non-revolving opinion way, by examining the four enterprises become a new member of the association.

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