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What is the classification and application of Coating Titanium Anode DSA?

What is the classification and application of Coating Titanium Anode DSA?

Update Time:2017/8/11

Coating titanium Anode DSA (Dimensionally Stable Anode), also known as Dimensionally Stable Anode, is a new insoluble Anode material developed in the late 1960s.

The Dimensionally Stable Anode, which is also known as Dimensionally Stable Anode, is the Anode of platinum, graphite and lead alloy

The traditional anode materials are roughly divided into three categories: platinum, graphite and lead alloy anode.Platinum is expensive, graphite and lead alloy anode during high current electrolytic corrosion, corrosion resistance is poor, the oxygen evolution potential, electrochemical catalytic performance is low, energy consumption is larger, especially toxic lead will dissolve in a solution in the anode, cause secondary pollution, and make the coating performance.

Application of DSA coating titanium anode

DSA coating titanium anode is mainly used in electrochemical and electrometallurgy.

The applications of DSA coating titanium anode are: chlor-alkali industry, chlorate production, hypochlorite production, perchlorate production, sulfite electrolysis, electricity

Solution of organic synthesis, production of electrolytic extraction of non-ferrous metal, electrolytic silver catalyst, manufacturing electrolysis copper foil, electrolytic oxidation recycling mercury, electrolysis, chlorine dioxide production, hospital wastewater treatment, electroplating factory cyanide wastewater treatment, water and food utensils disinfection, power plant cooling circulating water treatment, woolen mill dyeing wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment, electrolysis legal system in acid and alkaline ionized water, copper zinc plated, rhodium, palladium plating, plating, plating lead, electrodialysis desalination, electrodialysis method take tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide, molten salt electrolysis, battery production, cathodic protection, in the production of the cathode foil, aluminum foil anodic oxidation, etc.It is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, water treatment, environmental protection, electroplating, organic synthesis and other fields.

In recent years, in the surface treatment industry, the application of DSA coating titanium anode appears new trend.If you add some nanometer material to the coating to improve it

The electrocatalytic activity of the DSA anode, as in some specific plating solution, can inhibit some impurity ion by regulating the oxygen potential of DSA coating

The purpose of ensuring the stability of the plating.With the study of DSA coating titanium anode, its application prospect will be more and more extensive.