What's the uses of metal tantalum?

Update Time:2016/12/19
TANTALUM (temple), TANTALUM, Ta, element symbols of wealth derived from Greek mythology the king Tantalus, discovered in 1802.Almost completely does not move by erosion, tantalum in surgery, has great contribution for the body's repair: it can replace the skeleton (skull, for example);Made of foil or silk thread can connect broken nerve;Woven mesh yarn can be used to bandage abdominal muscles.
Metal tantalum is a slightly blue light grey metal, because of its many peculiar features, has a broad application field, therefore, is known as "metal kingdom" generalist.
Tantalum textures is tough, hardness can reach 6-6.5.Its melting point 2996 ℃, behind tungsten and rhenium, was third.The density of 16.6.Tantalum ductility, can be made into a filament or thin foil.Its thermal expansion coefficient is small, each one degrees only hundreds of thousands of six point six.In addition, its toughness is very strong, is more excellent than copper.
Tantalum and excellent chemical properties, high corrosion resistance.In both cold and hot conditions, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and aqua regia "no response.Tantalum to be included in the 200 ℃ of sulfuric acid soaking for one year, the surface damage of only 0.006 mm.Experiments show that tantalum at room temperature, the alkali solution, chlorine, bromine water, dilute sulphuric acid and many other drugs don't work, only under the effect of hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated sulfuric acid to respond.Such a situation is relatively rare in the metal.
The characteristics of tantalum has made its application field is very broad.In making all kinds of inorganic acid equipment, tantalum instead of stainless steel are available, and dozens of times higher life expectancy than stainless steel.In addition, in the chemical industry, electronics, electrical and other industries, tantalum can replace the past need to be borne by the precious metal platinum, the cost is reduced greatly.
In addition, tantalum or refine super steel, corrosion resistant steel and heat resistant steel alloy elements, can provide developing rockets and spacecraft, space technology required special materials such as the jet plane.Made of tantalum, and tungsten non-magnetic alloy is widely used in electrical industry, especially of tantalum and tantalum carbide, composed of carbon has great hardness, even under the condition of high temperature and a diamond.Made of it turning tool, but many high-speed cutting hard alloy;Made all kinds of drill bit, it can replace the hard alloy or a diamond.Therefore, tantalum is also known as "vitamin" in smelting.
In modern medicine, tantalum can also play an important role.Research proves that tantalum is not only to the human body without any damage, and can grow in the muscles of the human body is above, say on medicine is called "biological intermiscibility".Doctors use the properties of tantalum, used to repair, closed the human body the skull and crack and defect of extremities fractures.At the same time, can also be made more than a human hair one over ten filaments, tantalum used in visceral surgery using sutures, or embedded artificial eye.This kind of tantalum can even alternative tendon and nerve fibers.Medical home tantalum plate made of artificial ears, installed in the head after transplanted from the leg skin again, after a period of time, a new transplantation skin grow very well, make people almost can not see is a man-made tantalum ear