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what are the big functions of Titanium?

what are the big functions of Titanium?
Update Time:2016-12-13
Titanium's three big functions:
1. The memory function
Titanium - nickel alloy under a certain environment temperature has a one-way, two-way and a full range of memory effect, is a recognized is the best memory alloy.On engineering pipe joint for fighter aircraft hydraulic system;Oil cartel pipelines system;Diameter of 0.5 mm wire made of 500 mm diameter parabolic mesh antenna used for aerospace aircraft;In medical engineering for sleep apnea treatment;As screw used in fracture healing.The above application has obtained obvious effect.
2. Superconducting function 
Niobium and titanium alloy when temperature is lower than the critical temperature, presents the function of superconducting zero resistance.
3. The function of hydrogen storage
Titanium - iron alloy with hydrogen absorption properties, a large number of security of hydrogen storage, in a certain environment and release hydrogen.This in hydrogen separation, hydrogen purification, hydrogen storage and transportation, manufacturing for hydrogen energy application of heat pump and accumulator is very promising.